Silver Package

This package is highly recommended for ALL STUDENTS.

The silver package is particularly suitable for children/students who may appreciate a little extra contact with their guardians, gaining benefit from some friendly encouragement and advice whilst away from their home environment. It is also re-assuring for parents/agents who would like more regular updates/reports (health & academic) and contact with their guardian. This level is highly recommended and the most popular level for all Parents and Agents. Additionally this package is particularly suitable for students who may have slight health, anxiety or concentration problems.

This package includes:

Pre arrival
  • Emailing information pack including an informative and helpful Students Handbook together with induction sheet to our students prior to their arrival
  • Emailing essential travel and safety advice sheet, and notes on any special documentation that may be required upon your arrival in the UK
  • A Zoom call before leaving home to make sure you are ready to start your new adventure in the UK
  • Liaising with the school to ensure that all travel arrangements are in place, and any special requirements have been made (Under Age Minors)
  • Ensuring that your accommodation is ready for your arrival at your new school
Upon arrival
  • Informing parents of your child’s safe arrival at your school (as soon as practicably possible)
  • Arranging accommodation for early arrivals (or late departures) – at our Lions Centre in Hastings
  • Arranging transport and safe accommodation in the event of cancelled flights and journeys (accommodation fee not included)
  • Meeting between your child and a member of SGG within the first couple of weeks of term
  • Providing assistance in acquiring various items for school including personal items, school uniform, sports equipment or books
  • Ensuring your child has their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) and assisting with police registration for 16+ students


£155.00 registration fee
£460.00 per term


Up to eight hours spent working on administration etc per term.

Subject to our terms and conditions, which can be viewed in our application form.

Please note this package is suitable for students over the age of 14.

  • Visiting your child once a term
  • Being in text/WhatsApp/other communication with your child once a week when required
  • Being in contact with house parents at least once a term and providing short report to families/agents
  • Organising counsellor guidance or any other support organisations should your child need extra help (additional fees not included)
  • Termly or annual afternoon tea at a hotel or tea room near to your school for a very English Afternoon Tea
Study support
  • Contact with personal tutor/form teacher once a term with a brief follow up report to Family
  • Providing assistance & well informed advice with university and school selection
  • Arranging holiday study courses or any requested extra courses/activities at weekends (course/activity fees not included)
Homestay/Holiday stays (fees not included)
  • Arranging homestays, and ensuring the necessary security, safety checks and correct level of Safeguarding training has been carried out
  • Contacting the student at least once a week to ensure that they are happy in their homestay
  • Arranging mobile phone top ups & SIM card purchases
  • Remembering those special family days and help organise cakes etc.!
  • Providing support to families when visiting the UK including hotels (booking where possible)
  • Attendance at major school functions (Sports Day or Carol service)
Communication with parents
  • Reporting to parents and agents regularly
  • Sending parents’ teacher consultation report
  • Contacting parents regularly, with administrative support of up to 8 hours per term
Dealing with emergencies
  • Providing 24 hr Emergency helpline number to students, parents, agents and schools
  • Helping in emergency medical/sickness events
  • Attending to the student’s needs if suspended or expelled from school including organising transport and homestay (transport, accommodation & other associated costs not included)
Some extra charges could be made, including:
  • Accompaniment to Banks and other institutions £30 per hour or part thereof.
  • Accompaniment to Universities – Travel & Accommodation and a day rate of £100 or part thereof.
  • Calls on WhatsApp after 6pm – These will incur a small charge and will not be taken after 8pm unless there is an emergency.
  • Visits and accompaniment to hospitals and other medical centres, this will be charged by the hour.