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Enjoy Days Out Trips Under The Care of Your Guardians

Enjoy Days Out Trips Under The Care of Your Guardians

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Studying Can Be Enjoyable

When Half Term arrives we can provide your student with a place to study in peace and quiet, or we can arrange for some great days out, or maybe do both!!

St. George’s Guardians are based in Hastings on the beautiful and historic South Coast of England. We provide a unique and well designed programme for our Students ensuring that everyone is given individual attention and care to the highest of standards during their stay in the United Kingdom.

We offer several levels of support packages for all international students in our care and aim to be no further than 20 minutes aware from each student placed. We welcome students from all around the world and have a vast range of experience with students from some 40 different nationalities achieved over a period of around 20 years.

We are here to provide excellent support and care for your Child/Student from the receipt of their application form through to their final examinations and beyond! Our target is to make their experience in the UK one of the most enjoyable, memorable and beneficial experiences in their young lives, and certainly one they can call on for many years to come.


Educational Guardianship for your Child.

Children and young people who come alone to study in the UK from abroad are required by law to have an Educational Guardian. This Guardian should be carefully chosen as they will take on a variety of responsibilities normally executed by a Parent. These responsibilities will include supervision of the academic process through to pastoral activities and much more.

A Guardian will ensure that everything is ready and in place for your Child/Student to begin their course of study. Your chosen School will deal with the Guardian on day-to-day matters and your Child will be able to contact and turn to their Guardian for help and advice in any situation also having emergency access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Guardians are also able to provide help with any health, financial or travel needs ensuring your Child/Student can relax in the knowledge that they are able to enjoy their learning experience whilst they are here in the UK. St George’s Guardians can also offer translating and linguistic services if and when necessary (i.e. translating documents).


What the Parents say “We can always contact her and she almost immediately writes back. She gives us the feeling that we can rely on her when it comes to important decisions and she always has our Son’s best interests in mind. I am very happy that she is our Guardian”

Being away from home can be a very unnerving experience for both the child/student and the parent alike! At St George’s Guardians we totally understand this and aim to provide a reassuring and robust network in your chosen School, together with a range of support workers ensuring that your Child/Student is able to adjust and settle down as quickly as possible in their exciting new surroundings.

We have a Team of multi lingual highly experienced staff who have been working in education for over 20 years, and who have worked closely with international Agents and Parents worldwide, listening to their needs and requirements for each individual child/student.

We are determined to ensue that each child/student under our care is able to study and relax in a safe, secure and friendly environment. We believe this is essential for our Students to be able to realize their full potential and actively enhance their overall experience of studying in the UK whilst helping them to achieve their targets.


We ensure that all our Students are safe, emotionally secure and stimulated. Our Student’s needs are integral to everything we do. It is our desire that all of our Students form open, harmonious and trusting relationships that enable them to express their feelings and opinions. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility! We work with all our partner schools, Parents and Agents to ensure that a student’s well-being is paramount!! All of our staff and external agents that come into contact with the Students are extensively checked and all hold current D.B.S certificates.


In some instances travelling home for your Child/Student may be a long and quite stressful experience, and with this in mind we have designed the perfect alternative. Your Student/Child can leave their boarding school and stay in a charming and secure private house owned by St George’s Guardians in St. Leonards on Sea.

The ‘House’ is provided for the care, supervision and safe place for peaceful relaxation and revision (if they would like to revise). It is a beautiful seafront property which tailors solely for the Students. There are a variety of options available here for the Students to enjoy, from days out experiences to sailing lessons for those more adventurous. Some prefer to do a little revision mixed in with trips to the historic Town of Hastings. All agree this is a great way to spend Half Term!

The option of accommodation at our House, can also work well for Parents who are trying to avoid the high costs of sending their Child/Student home in the ‘Peak Fare’ time, i.e. Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays and Half Terms. At these times fares rise, and the airports are at their busiest, with many travelers experiencing the seasonal nightmare of delays and other associated problems. This is a great time to book your Child/Student into the Lions even for just a couple of nights to avoid the higher prices, delays and packed airports. Safe taxis will always be provided to get your Child/Student to the airport at a time to suit you.