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Introducing St. George’s Guardians

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St. George’s Guardians are based in Hastings on the beautiful South Coast of England. We provide a high quality Guardianship Service ensuring that our overseas students are well cared for when studying in our Country.

We offer a superb range of support packages for international students in our care and aim to ensure that no student is placed further than twenty minutes travelling time from their chosen place of study. We welcome students from all around the world and have professional staff who have in excess of twenty years specializing in the care of students of forty different nationalities!

We are here to provide support and care for your child/student from the point of the initial application and arrival in the UK to their final examinations and beyond! The aim of St George’s Guardians is to enhance our students experience in the UK, by ensuring it is safe, enjoyable and beneficial.


Educational Guardianship for your Child.

Children and young people who come alone to study in the UK from abroad are required by law to have an Educational Guardian who will assume  the responsibilities  of a Parent (in loco parentis). The Guardian will supervise the academic process through application to schools and ensuring everything is ready for your child to begin their course of study. The school will deal with the Education Guardian on day-to-day matters, ensuring that your child can turn to St. George’s Guardians for help in any situation. We we provide constant emergency cover day and night. We are also able to help with any health, financial or travel needs. St. George’s Guardians can also offer a translation and linguistics services (i.e. translating documents and booking medical  appointments) if requested.


What the Parents say “We can always contact her and she almost immediately writes back. She gives us the feeling that we can rely on her when it comes to important decisions and she always has our Son’s best interests in mind. I am very happy that she is our Guardian”

We understand that being away from home can be an  unnerving experience  for both students and parents alike. That is why St. George’s Guardians aim to provide a robust network of schools and support workers helping your child to adjust as quickly as possible to their exciting new life in the UK and to gain the most from their experience, whether on a short or long placement.

We have a team of multi-lingual staff with a wealth of experience having worked in education for over twenty years.

Working closely with experienced agents and schools we are able to support each child in a safe and secure environment where they can study and thrive. This gives students the opportunity to enjoy the experience of living in the UK, combined with the studies necessary to gain excellent results and hopefully a place in Further (Higher) Education or at University.

Additionally we provide  constant welfare support from our experienced team throughout the student’s time in the UK, and we can deliver regular written reports to parents on the student’s progress at their chosen school. We are also able to offer support on academic and pastoral matters, as well as student life and living in the UK.


We ensure that all our students are safe, emotionally secure and stimulated. Our student’s needs and well-being are integral to everything we do. It is our desire that all of our students form open, harmonious and trusting relationships that enable them to express their feelings and opinions. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. We work with all our partner schools, parents and agents to ensure that a students well-being is paramount!! All of our staff are extensively checked and all hold current D.B.S certificates.