St. George's Guardians

Suitable for all students with a place at an INDEPENDENT school in the united kingdom

Gold Guardianship Service

Gold Level Guardianship Service:

£550.00 + One off payment of £140.00 for Administration and Registration

This Level is what is says ‘A Gold Level of Service!’

Designed to give Parents/Agents and Students a greater peace of mind with regular updates and discussions, whilst Students enjoy an extra package of care covering every eventuality:

The Gold Package Includes:

  • Ensuring the School has arranged transport to/from the airport (charged to the School account)

  • Regular contact with the student, by phone, e-mail and visits at their place or training or their stay at the Lions if requested

  • Regular contact with the School for updates on the Students which will then be forwarded onto the Parents

  • Provision of Termly reports when requested (Advice on how to access these on line if this is preferred)

  • Advice and assistance provided to the Student on personal and academic matters

  • Attendance at School functions, i.e. Parents Evenings, Award Nights and Birthdays (as well as make special Birthday arrangements i.e. Cake etc when requested by Parents)

  • Liaising with the School to ensure the bills are correct and sent in a timely manner

  • Organising and scheduling University or Further Education Visits including travel, accommodation and accompaniment. (Costs for travel, accompaniment and accommodation are not included)

  • Arranging accommodation for a Student who has been required to leave the School Campus for a period of time (for whatever reason)

  • Arranging special weekend trips for the Student if required, or extra tuition when possible.

  • Looking into complaints or adverse comments made by the students on all levels and following them through to come to an acceptable conclusion wherever possible.

  • Visiting the Student on a regular basis and at least twice every School Term to ensure their continued confidence and contentment with their lodgings, House Masters, Teachers and anything else that could effect their ability to progress happily with their studies.

  • Your Guardian will never be far away, and available to talk through throughout the day if necessary.

    This is a level suitable for all students but most of all a Level that goes the extra mile for your Child/Student whilst they are here in the UK.