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there is a one off payment per student of £140.00 to cover registration and administration

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Your Child’s/Student’s well-being is paramount to St George’s Guardians. Our staff have experience working with students/parents and agents from all around the world for a period of over 20 years. Every level of service we provide is suitable for international students with a boarding place at an independent school in the United Kingdom. We really do go the extra mile for students under our care, and that includes arranging exciting days out through to extra private study and much more. The following are brief outlines of each service we provide, to see more please view the pages listed on each Level.

(Please note all levels are subject to a one off payment of £140.00 for an Administration and Registration Fee - non refundable)

We can even arrange flying lessons nearby!

We can even arrange flying lessons nearby!

Bronze Level: £330.00 per Term

These Students will be experienced and slightly older who require very little assistance and have probably stayed and traveled in the UK previously.

* Please note some additional costs could be incurred at this level, including extra visits to the School, organizing stays away from the School to due unforeseen problems occurring (health or exclusion by the School). Arranging University or further educational visits away from the School. If in doubt about this level, please ask first.

Sailing lessons at Half Term

Visiting the many historic sites in the UK with a Guardian by your side is Safe & Fun!

Visiting the many historic sites in the UK with a Guardian by your side is Safe & Fun!

Silver Level: £430.00 per Term

This Level is recommended for ALL Students. It provides a closer and more regular contact with their Guardian for both the Student and Parent. The Guardian will have a one to one meeting with the Student every Term to ensure they are settled, progressing well and listen to any issues they may be experiencing from health to academic or note any special requests they may have. This level also provides the Parents with an increased level of reassuring and helpful contact with their Guardian though email and by phone.

Gold Level £550.00 per Term

This Level is a totally comprehensive level providing Parents with a greater peace of mind through receiving regular updates and having discussions with their Guardian when required. It also provides the Student with that extra package of care covering all eventualities. The Guardian will set up meetings with the student every Term and extra visits when requested by the Student or Parent. The Guardian will be available to assist the Child/Student in addressing issues both academic and personal, whilst also monitoring their progress on every level. The Guardian will also be available to help with any extra activities or studies at weekends or Half Terms that the Parent may feel necessary or beneficial for their Child/Student.

For Students under St George’s Guardians we can arrange fabulous bespoke fun days as a reward or encouragement - There are so many great events in the UK’s calendar from Royal Ascot, through to Formula 1 Racing, Horse of The Year Show and much more. We can design days out totally tailored to your students hobbies or dreams. Maybe they would like to travel through time sailing down the River Thames! Or experience some fine dinning on a roof topped terrace whilst taking in some of the best views of the City Of London. Then closer to home of course we can arrange hot air balloon rides, gliding experiences, through to fixed wing aircraft trips to France for the day! The list is endless and nothing is too much trouble. So if you feel your student deserves a little reward for all their hard work, why not talk to us about their hobbies or and we will create the perfect day for them!