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We are very pleased with our appointed Guardian, Carol Dunn. She is very kind and helpful. She takes excellent care of our Son and is interested in his well-being. She is very attentive an knows how to she can help him. We can always contact her and she almost immediately writes back. She gives us the feeling that we can rely on her when it comes to important decisions and she always has our Son’s best interests in mind. I am very happy that she is our Guardian. Yours Sincerely - Mrs H. Germany October 2018

Many thanks for a Guardians Service that we have been searching for for some time. The unique features are an established resident college at St Georges that is available instead of host family home placements. This ensures that they are with fellow students for support and friendship during Half Term and Exceats. Most importantly with the worry of A Level and GCSE’s looming and an exhausting journey home for many over the long Easter holiday, offering a revision opportunity together with accommodation over this period. Well done on this ground breaking initiative! (Mr C. Parent. Thailand. November 2018)

Thank you for all your kind assistance, keep up the good work! Mr P Nigeria February 2019

I am not only satisfied with the service, I am thrilled! My Guardian is really busy around the clock for the well being of my Son, she is very dedicated and obviously always find the right psychological way for my Son. A real comfort for foreign parents! Thank you very much, Carol! Mrs I, Germany. March 2019

It is really nice to have you people care and support our Child which has no one else to turn to so far from home. Mrs O, Mexico. March 2019