St. George's Guardians

There is a one off payment for all students of £140.00 for Administration & Registration

Silver Guardianship Service


£430.00 per term & a one off payment of £140.00 Administration & Registration Fee

This Programme is highly recommended for ALL Students. It is particularly suitable for students who may appreciate a little extra contact with their Guardians, gaining benefit from some friendly encouragement and advice whilst away from their Home environment. It is also re-assuring for Parents/Agents who would like more regular updates/reports (Health & Academic) and contact with their Guardian.

This is an excellant all round Guardianship Level, and was created due to popular demand from Parents and Agents. (Also being suitable for students who may have slight health, anxiety or concentration problems.. Your Guardian is always available)

This package includes:

  • Ensuring the school has arranged transport to/from the airport (to be charged to your school account).

  • A visit to your Child/Student during the first 2 weeks when they arrive in the UK, and thereafter visiting them at least once every School Term, followed by a report back to the Parents.

  • Regular contact with the School regarding any health issues and providing follow up Nurses/doctors reports until the health issue no longer exists, including hospital visits if required. (Please ensure that your permission is provided to the School for this due to Data Protection Rules)

  • Regular contact with the Child/Student when required or requested by the Child/Student, Agent or Parent

  • Immediate in depth report on any significant event or incident involving your Child/Student at School (Again please ensure that permissions are lodged with the School to allow to liaise with us due to Data Protection Regulations).

  • Arranging any special classes, or events that may enhance the Students experience whilst studying at the School

  • Liaising with the School to ensure School bills are accurate and sent in a timely manner

  • We will provide 24 hour emergency cover, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • We can organise accommodation outside of the School environment for Half Term stays or at other times when a student may need to leave the Campus for their health or as a special request of the School.

  • We will actively look at a variety of ways to enhance your Student’s experience whilst staying in the UK, liaising closely with the Parents or Agents.